"Opens with a tribute to Megadeth then takes you on an angsty ride through 90s nostalgic riffs and leaves you with Sound Gardeny droning yearning for more than you started with, fading to depression." - Moslak
"I just caught myself tapping my foot and nodding my head to' Leeches.'" - Hubner
"I love your album sooooo much, especially 'Leeches!'" - Max
"Really like the 'Doctor Is In' and 'Realist.' Those two stood out." - Anderson
"I prefer singing to screaming." - Mother In Law

Ben Wagner
Break Don't Bend
Cesspool Records

1. Mad (2:22)
2.  Leeches (4:12)
3. Realist (3:34)
4. Competition (4:12) (Cover Song
5. Leaving Forever Again (4:00)
6. Somebody Else (3:08)
7. The Doctor Is In (4:27)
8. The Star (2:59)



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